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Redevelopment Dissolution

In June 2011, the legislature enacted ABx1 26 which ultimately resulted in the dissolution of all the Redevelopment Agencies (RDAs) in California (effective February 2012) and established a complex procedure for winding down the affairs of the former RDAs. The Auditor Controller's Office (ACO) is responsible for overseeing the distribution of funds from the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Funds (RPTTF) pursuant to California Health and Safety Code sections 34183 and 34188. The Property Tax Division of the ACO prepares this calculation and distribution semi-annually, which have statutory deadlines of January 2nd and June 1st each fiscal year. The former RDAs are managed by Successor Agencies (SAs) who are responsible for winding down the affairs of the RDA. Pursuant to HSC 34177, SAs are required to maintain obligations pursuant to the Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule (ROPS), including the preparation and payments of the ROPS, as well as dispose of any assets and properties owned by the RDA. The proceeds from the sale of these properties are remitted to the ACO for proper allocation and distribution to the taxing entities within the jurisdiction. The Auditor Controller's Office also maintains a tracking of the ROPS, pass-through payments and agreements to properly allocate and distribute the RPTTF funds.    

Riverside County currently has 25 former RDAs, including the County of Riverside Successor Agency. The first RDA is expected to dissolve in FY2023-2024. The ROPS state reports and distribution reports are published and made available on our redevelopment reports page with the following reports:

  • Redevelopment Increment of Assessed Values
  • Redevelopment TRA and Project List
  • Redevelopment Apportionments
  • Redevelopment State Reports

Redevelopment Reports

Countywide Oversight Board (COB)

Pursuant to HSC 34179 (j), the Countywide Oversight Board (COB) was created in 2018 to consolidate the oversight boards of all the successor agencies. The COB has a fiduciary responsibility to the stakeholders and taxing entities that benefit from the distributions of the RPTTF. The County of Riverside Auditor Controller's Office (ACO) has partnered with the Executive Office (EO) to administer the duties of the COB. Additional information and resources are available in the links below. 

COB MOU between ACO and EO      

Countywide Oversight Board Site


Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs)

The County of Riverside continues to develop their infrastructure and work on economic development projects to improve and attract our current, past and future residents and the community. Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs) were established as part of EIFD law outlined in Government Sections 53398.50 through 53398.88. The County of Riverside has adopted and established the Temecula Valley Wine County EIFD and Highway 74 EIFD. The Property Tax division of the Auditor Controller's Office administers the property tax allocation of the EIFDs. For more information, visit the following links below.  

Temecula Valley Wine County EIFD    

Highway 74 EIFD                                 

EIFD Apportionments